Gofish Creative is a wonderful, professional company.

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I would highly recommended Gofish Creative to anyone.

I have had a wonderful experience working with the owner Adam Cottam. He is very professional and cares about your web site project.

My website looks and functions beautifully. I could not of asked for a better site. If I have any questions I know I can contact the company and I will receive a prompt reply, which is very important to me.

I have recommended a number of people to Gofish Creative and will continue to do so. They are a wonderful and professional company, who has met and exceeded my expectations!

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GoFish Creative - GoFishCreative is a horrible company

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GoFishCreative.com purports to be functional in programming and design.Unfortunately, their programmer and owner, Adam Cottam, writes horrible code and is extremely unprofessional.

Do not expect to get functional code for your money. Also, do not expect to get an accounting of the hours he has worked on your program. The hours are pulled out of the air and do not have any bearing on the amount of code written. When I asked for an accounting of what was completed for the hours billed, I was told that he did not need to report his hours.

I was also billed for things I never asked for and did not want. When questioned about these additional features, Adam lost his temper and wrote a scathing email. This is a very shady company.

Buyer beware.I have worked with numerous consultants over the years and Adam Cottam is the worst.

Review about: Unprofessional Programmer.



I am glad to see this whole post was retracted by the writer!

I know Adam personally and he does excellent work. That post could not be farther from the truth.


Programmers....Nuff said

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